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Helping Businesses Succeed

Our Members work with their clients, small- to mid-sized businesses to determine how performance can be improved. Members conduct comprehensive business assessments, to identify the root-cause problems that inhibit growth or opportunities for success. Then IBANA consultants work with the businesses, their executives and their employees on areas of the business that need attention and development to implement new plans for growth.


Guest Presenters for our
February 24th Meeting
Effective Collaboration
 A contributor to the WJS, the NYTimes, CNN Money and more, Charlie Douglas will talk about his views on multi-disciplinary teaming and wealth planning  at Cedar Rower Partners.
The FED Talks 2017
Ellie Terry, an Economic Policy Analysis Specialist from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, will be there to predict the future and beyond - for the economy we mean.

Back in the ATL!

Join us at the offices of HLB Gross Collins, Feb. 24th from 9:30-3:30pm on Friday.

We will offer great guest speakers as always, plus lunch, AND a debut presentation from one of our newest members.


IBANA invites independent consultants to join our association. Because we are a non-competing group, we are always looking for the best and brightest to join our group. Click HERE or visit our Member Benefits page for more information about becoming a member.