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Helping Businesses Succeed

Our Members work with their clients, small- to mid-sized businesses to determine how performance can be improved. Members conduct comprehensive business assessments, to identify the root-cause problems that inhibit growth or opportunities for success. Then IBANA consultants work with the businesses, their executives and their employees on areas of the business that need attention and development to implement new plans for growth.

Coming Events

Guest Presenters for our
July 23rd Meeting!
Tax Cuts for Jobs

 Cindy Gibbs, Sr. Tax Manager at HLB Gross, Collins, speaking on the new tax laws and the new opportunities it provides small-to-medium sized business owners.

Al Simon of Sandler Training will teach us to avoid the "let me think about it" answer and to identify the clients who will waste your time and never buy!

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IBANA members are independent consultants who have banded together to learn from one another and other experts in their field, in order to become better advisors. Because we are a collaborative group, we invite like-minded business people to visit a meeting, volunteer to speak, and consider joining our group. Click HERE or visit our Member Benefits page for more information about becoming a member.