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To determine the specific needs of any business our members conduct Comprehensive Business Assessments so that together we can determine what areas of the business need attention.  We then work with the business leaders to identify, develop and implement solutions to address those needs.

  • Strategic, Business & Exit Planning
  • Executive Evaluation, Training/Mentoring
  • Revenue & Profit Growth Strategies  
  • Business Development, Alliances. Partnerships, M & A
  • Financial Analysis and Management Tools  
  • New Market & Product Opportunities
  • Local, Regional, Global Resources for Expansion
  • Organizational structuring or restructuring
  • Technology Solutions
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Solutions


IBANA Executives and Professionals have many years of business leadership experience and have experienced both the pains and the pleasures of being a business leader.  They work individually and in teams to help businesses improve their performance in all areas of business.

The list below highlights the areas where IBANA members assist companies - from all industries and of all sizes – to help them grow, prosper and to serve their clients and communities.


  • Comprehensive business planning
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing planning
  • Retirement/Succession planning
  • Restructuring/turnarounds

Finance & Accounting

  • Analysis of accounts and structure
  • AP/AR analysis and optimization
  • P&L/Cashflow review and optimization
  • Financing evaluation and sources
  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost optimization


  • Evaluation and optimization of current technology
  • Evaluation of how new technologies help business grow/reduce costs
  • Assistance in acquisition, training, optimization

Asset Management & Protection

  • Evaluation of assets
  • Assistance in designing how to optimize and external variables (tax implications for example)
  • Protection alternatives
  • Acquisition alternatives


  • Evaluation of marketing outlets suitable for the business
  • Assistance in building campaigns and programs in accordance with plans
  • Identification of channels and alliances
  • Plan execution
  • Competitive Analysis

Human Resources

  • Evaluation and recommendations for existing staff and organizational structure
  • Evaluation of staffing alternatives
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements and compliance issues


  • Planning and execution
  • Develop measurement metrics
  • E-Business / E-Commerce
  • Identification of sales channels and alliances


  • Exporting
  • Importing
  • Offshoring /Nearshoring
  • Vendor evaluation/selection

Products/Services Suite

  • Evaluation of existing products/services
  • Evaluation of new or complimentary
  • Design and development assistance
  • Product/service value proposition - messaging and communication
  • Pricing strategies

Customer Relations/Retention

  • Product/Service evaluation and customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate Customer relationship and service
  • Assist in establishing Internal QA/QC processes

Coaching Mentoring

  • Individual assessments and action plans
  • Executive level coaching
  • Staff level mentoring/training

Risk Assessment & Management

  • Evaluate risks to business operations
  • Evaluate revenue-side risks
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory compliance

Operational Control and Efficiency

  • Sales to operations handover to order/contract fulfillment
  • Logistics and time to market
  • Production and development cycles
  • Quality control/quality assurance initiatives

Acquisitions / Mergers

  • Optimizing the company's value
  • Assist in finding and qualifying acquirers or targets
  • Marketing for both buy and sell-side
  • Feasibility/Due diligence

Start-up Assistance

  • Start-up planning
  • Identify Funding/Financing alternatives
  • Assistance with go to market strategies
  • Franchising

Exit Strategy

Coming Soon...