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Peter C Vesey   (#48)   

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Marietta, GA
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Peter C. Vesey & Associates
1688 Shady Hill Rd NE

Marietta, GA  

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Peter is a business advisor specializing in development of new media enterprises in the U.S. and abroad.  He works with companies of all sizes to develop new media businesses, products and services. 

Past projects have ranged from all-news satellite networks, to multimedia information platforms, documentary program development, telemedical networks and new broadband technologies. He has had significant experience in developing markets internationally.

Peter is also an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), a non-profit group that helps small business owners. He works with small businesses, enabling them to become more profitable and grow.

His previous corporate career included development of CNN USA, CNN International and other CNN networks. He also served in a number of responsible business and editorial positions for CNN in the U.S. and Europe. Before CNN, Peter was an NBC station news director and local program innovator.

Peter's specialties include all aspects of developing multimedia businesses, products and services. He also offers turnaround assistance for troubled media companies and marketing expertise for start up and media-related businesses.